The island 

Lesvos, or Mytilini, as the whole island is usually called after its capital of the same name, is a jewel of the north-eastern Aegean that still retains something of the romance and virginity of the old days.

A “plane leaf” thrown into the Aegean between East and West invites you to discover its multifaceted face and feel the hospitality of its people.

And that in return will reveal to you all his “treasures”, which will surely be indelibly imprinted in your memory and heart.

Tour the diversity of the landscape of Lesvos, walk through the city of Mytilini with its famous mansions but also through the picturesque alleys of Agiasos and Molyvos, visit the Monastery of Agios Raphael in Thermi and the Monastery of Taxiarchis in Mandamado and explore the petrified forest and the museum in Sigri.

Also, taste the famous ouzo and the local snacks that accompany it, enjoy the nature of the island with its endless olive groves and beautiful beaches, visit the historic settlements with their special color and architecture.

For all this, Aqua Mare is a perfect starting point. Seize the opportunity of a unique experience!