Sophisticated and elegant, with a unique sense of privacy and exclusivity.
In a magical landscape at the roots of the pine-tree rocks suspended above, Aquamare Molivos Hotel is the only luxury resort located on the most popular Eftalou beach, awarded with the blue flag of Lesvos. Known for its crystal clear waters and long beach just a few steps away, look north to fiery sunrises and stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Enjoy the best of both worlds as there is enough of it near the busy village of Molyvos, but far enough away and secluded in its cove to offer space for contemplation and well-deserved peace of mind.
It allows one to wander in unassuming luxury and comfort. Antique and textured surfaces, high ceilings and vaults, reveal interiors, slightly aromatic gardens of flowering magnolia trees and bougainvillaea that run through and around the captivating structure.

Patios and courtyards emerge from a wild green environment as well as an opportunity for interpersonal connection, intimate ritual and conversation. The vast multitude of colors embraces the spirit with a comfortable blanket of peace which makes up for the grandeur of the vast spaces. The spectacular views surprise at every corner, as those who appreciate the more exclusive, less crowded lifestyle explore new ways of living and being in this community of like-minded spirits.

Hospitality with soul from the preeminent adult resort of Lesvos

Our bohemian take on luxury offers ultimate comfort, with a full range of options and amenities for couples, friends and singles alike. From extra privacy to extra cots, we offer a full range of options for guests of all ages, including younger travellers.

Relax in effortlessly elegant accommodations and enjoy the evening breeze on your private patio or spacious veranda, surrounded by soft natural tones and high-quality tactile materials. Understated luxury is just the backdrop and you become the heroes of the Lesvos legend, re-centering the world around each other, sharing fun experiences and creating lasting memories.