Mythymna (Molivos)

At the northern end of the island, very close to Aqua Mare, is the charming Molyvos, or Mithymna, one of the most touristic spots on Lesvos and is characterized by its unparalleled natural beauty and picturesque architecture.

The houses of the settlement with traditional architecture, made of stone and wood and painted in bright colors, combined with the imposing Byzantine castle that dominates the area, create a picturesque and romantic environment and fully justify the declaration of the area, in 1965, in preserved and traditional settlement.

Typical public buildings preserved in Molyvos from the Turkish occupation are the fountains with relief inscriptions. The market extends over two streets that end in a small picturesque square. The picturesque harbor uniquely complements its unique image.

The cobbled streets, the paths leading to the old neighborhoods, the churches and the enchanting beaches complete the fairytale beauty. Browse the cobbled streets and enjoy your coffee or drink in the characteristic red light that bathes the village at sunset.

Various picturesque taverns with traditional cuisine, gourmet restaurants and shops with tourist items attract the attention of the tourist, while the view from the sea that spreads out is enchanting.

A few kilometers away is Petra, another beautiful traditional village with a long sandy beach, where you can do water sports and diving. Its biggest attraction is the imposing rock 40 meters high, located in the center of the village.

There are 114 carved steps that will lead you to the top, where the church of Panagia Glykofiloussa is located. From there you can enjoy the excellent view of the Aegean Sea.

Also near Molyvos, but on the other side of the Belvedere Hotel, is Eftalou, where Hlias Benezes had built his summer house, and it was the home of Argyris Eftaliotis, with its beautiful beaches and thermal baths. Its waters are suitable for treating rheumatism, arthritis, gynecological diseases, arteriosclerosis or simply to relax from tension and stress.

A little further, there is Sykaminia, a preserved traditional settlement with mansions, narrow cobbled streets and picturesque hills.

Also visit Skala Sykaminias, the small seaside village famous for the small church on the rock, which was the source of inspiration for Myrivilis’ widely read work “The Virgin Mary”.

In Molyvos, you will find your own magical spot under the blue sky, the blue sea and you will be fascinated by the variety of different aspects that your vacation at the Aqua Mare Molyvos hotel offers you.