Eftalou is a village in the Municipality of West Lesvos in the Prefecture of Lesvos.

It is four kilometers from Mithymna, where it is located on the northernmost coasts of the island and is opposite the Turkish coast

Eftalou includes hot springs, small coves and pebbly beaches which are “awarded” and with a Blue Flag

The permanent residents of the village are 34 and they mainly deal with tourism in the summer season and fishing.

Due to the volcanic and seismic activity of the island, specifically in Eftalou, cracks opened in the ground and then the thermal waters were suspended on the surface.

Since ancient times, they have used herbs for their healing properties. At the end of the 19th and 20th centuries the island of Lesvos experienced obvious spiritual and economic development, also the abundance and quality of the thermal springs of Lesvos where it attracted a large part of the townspeople of the wider area including the thriving Smyrna.

In their current form, the thermal baths of Eftalou are one of the best examples of the pan-Hellenic Ottoman style, as well as the closed tank with a dome, where they are used for mixed baths by bathers throughout the year.

In addition, there is the rare combination of hot water of the baths with the icy water of the sea that is in contact with the building. After all, the name Eftalou or “Euthalou” means “I green up well”. The thermal springs of Eftalou have a temperature (Θ: 43.6 – 46.50C) and are indicated for the treatment of: rheumatism, arthritis, etc. It should be noted that the beach of Eftalou is awarded the blue flag every year.